Violent Crimes

Violent crimes involve circumstances in which a person hurts, plans to hurt or appears to try to hurt another person.  In Texas, these types of crimes can run the gamut from felony murder to a class C misdemeanor assault. 


During my time representing clients in the Central Texas area, I've handled all manner of violent crimes and understand the types of obstacles that my clients encounter. Often my clients are accused of perpetrating these crimes against someone they know well, or someone with whom they've had familial relations; other times, my clients have been forced into a situation in which they had to defend themselves against others. Regardless of your situation, I'll take a client-centric approach in helping you deal with your case, giving you the personal attention and guidance that you need. You can count on my legal team and I having the experience to achieve the best results in your case.  


I represent individuals charged for local, state and federal level crimes.

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