Marijuana Punishments and History in Texas

Current Marijuana Enforcement in Travis County

As of June 10th , 2019,  Travis County began rejecting misdemeanor level marijuana offenses that are not accompanied by a lab report. This means that until Travis County is able to find a reliable lab to test for THC, misdemeanor marijuana offenses will not be prosecuted within Travis County. 

Many counties in Texas are still prosecuting, including the surrounding counties in Central Texas. 

Past Enforcement in Travis County 

Previous to this year, Travis County had introduced a new program in 2017 that allowed low-level marijuana drug offenders (those possessing 2 ounces or less) to pay $45 and take a 4-hour-class, rather than go through the traditional legal system. It was huge step for legalization, as well as drug charge reformation. And, in the event that Travis County does begin charging individuals for misdemeanor level marijuana possession again, it will likely be the manner in which individuals will be processed in Travis County.

Enforcement in Other Central Texas Counties 

While Central Texas counties, such as Bastrop, Williamson, and Burnet, have also begun to dismiss marijuana offenses, others have continued to prosecute those in possession of marijuana. In Hays County, for example, marijuana arrests continue to compose high proportion of total arrests made. Further, many of these counties do not provide low-level offender programs for those charged. 

If you've been arrested in one of theses counties, it is advisable that you speak with an attorney. I take fighting marijuana arrests seriously and work hard to protect your record. Contact me to speak about your marijuana arrest.