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For many people, a DWI arrest is a first brush with the law. Even people with solid careers and fine reputations are sometimes charged with driving while intoxicated. Alcohol lingering in one's system after consumption of champagne at a wedding or even prescription medications can trigger a positive blood alcohol content test.


Other DWI defendants have had long-term alcohol abuse problems and previous DWI arrests. A repeat DWI conviction can have especially punitive consequences.

At either end of the spectrum — from a first-time offense to a third or fourth-time drunk driving arrest — or anywhere in between, a DWI conviction can have devastating effects on your life. For best results, consult with an attorney without delay.

Protect Your Driver's License And Your Future

For many Texans, the loss of driving privileges can be almost as crippling as jail time. Fines, fees and required use of an interlock device present hardships in many cases. In the long run, however, a potential criminal record is the most damaging aspect of a DWI case. Whether your DWI/DUI arrest was for an alleged first-time offense or a repeat offense, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible to protect:

  • Your driving privileges

  • Your criminal record (or lack of a criminal record)

  • Your freedom

  • Your constitutional rights at every step of your case

If the Law Offices of Doran Sauer in Austin represents you after a DWI arrest, you can expect our lawyers to look closely at critical factors such as:


  • Circumstances of the traffic stop leading to your arrest

  • Technical factors, such as questionable validity of a breath, blood or urine test or a field sobriety test

  • Additional legal matters such as vehicular homicide charges

We are prepared to work hard in support of the best attainable outcomes in the DOV and criminal aspects of your Texas DWI case: restoration or preservation of your driver's license, freedom from jail or quick release, reduction of charges or dismissal of charges and the most favorable result in your criminal case. Every case is unique.

Most DWI charges are classified as misdemeanors. A conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or boating while intoxicated (BWI) can lead to the same devastating consequences as a DWI conviction. We represent clients charged with drunk driving or drugged driving in both misdemeanor and felony cases throughout the Austin area and beyond.

In Your Defense After A DWI Arrest Or Other Criminal Matter

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