DWI Charges 

For many people, a DWI arrest is a first brush with the law. Even people with solid careers and fine reputations are sometimes charged with driving while intoxicated. Alcohol lingering in one's system after consumption of champagne at a wedding or even prescription medications can trigger a positive blood alcohol content test.


Other DWI defendants have had long-term alcohol abuse problems and previous DWI arrests. A repeat DWI conviction can have especially punitive consequences.

At either end of the spectrum — from a first-time offense to a third or fourth-time drunk driving arrest — or anywhere in between, a DWI conviction can have devastating effects on your life. For best results, consult with an attorney without delay.

I fight DWIs hard, by protecting your license and reviewing the relevant case evidence in-depth. I take a client-centric approach and couple it with my experience to get the best results in your case. 

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