State and Federal Drug Crimes

Federal And State Drug Crime Cases

Drug and narcotics criminal charges often involve people affected by controlled substance dependency — or traffickers supplying the demand. Through numerous federal and state drug laws, society attempts to control availability and use of marijuana and other substances.

Federal Drug Laws

The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 coalesced federal laws concerned with narcotics and other dangerous drugs into one sweeping set of definitions and directives. This federal act categorizes drugs from Schedule I to Schedule IV, based on their uses and their risk of harm to abusers. It also outlines strategies of interest to scientists and researchers for research, treatment and rehabilitation purposes.

Texas Drug Laws

Likewise, the Texas Controlled Substances Act spells out offenses and penalties involving opiates, LSD-type drugs, barbiturates and other drugs.

The Importance Of Experienced Counsel

Whether you were charged with a federal drug crime or a state or local offense, you should look for an attorney with extensive knowledge of all aspects of drug use and abuse and a firm commitment to protect your constitutional rights. At the Law Offices of Larry Sauer in Austin, you will find knowledgeable legal counsel delivered with personalized advocacy.

When Your Future Hangs In The Balance

Every client and case is unique. A detailed review of all key facts in your case is an essential starting point. Were you caught by circumstances, such as through a roommate's drug possession? Is drug dependency a factor? Will a prosecutor claim evidence of your intent to distribute drugs to others? Were substances collected by police actually what they were alleged to be? Are the alleged amounts enough to justify "possession with intent to deliver" or drug trafficking charges?


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