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The Law Office of Doran Sauer has been helping its clients for almost 10 years. The majority of those years have been in the Austin Metropolitan area. In that time the firm has handled murder cases to DWIs and drug possession cases. This has given Doran extensive experience dealing with the ins and outs of the unique legal landscape of Central Texas.


Further, Doran prioritizes an individual based approach to dealing with his clients' cases. He drives to provide every client with the requisite attention required by that individual and their case—taking a client-centric approach at every step. 


The Law Office of Doran Sauer will fight for your rights and make sure that the Central Texas legal system provides you with the justice that you deserve. 

The Law Office of Doran Sauer handles local, state and federal cases throughout the Central Texas area. These counties include: Travis,  Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Hays and Williamson, among others. 

Doran G. Sauer

Criminal Trial Lawyer

Doran Sauer attended Texas Wesleyan School of Law, graduating in 2010. Since then he has practiced in criminal law for a decade, the majority of that time in Austin, handling cases in Travis County and throughout the Central Texas area. While practicing in the Central Texas area, Doran has handled a wide variety of cases, from murder to minor drug crimes. 

Doran understands the kind of emotional and time investments that often accompany his clients' cases. He drives to provide every client with the requisite attention required by that individual and their case. Thus, helping his clients move forward from their cases with their best foot forward. 

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