Aggressive Defense In The Face of Assault Family Violence Charges

Were you arrested for assault family violence when a private argument got out of control? Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence? Sort out the facts and explore your options for recovering a promising path forward with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Law Offices of Larry Sauer is a valuable resource for people accused of crimes in the Austin area.

Who Qualifies As 'Family' In An Assault Family Violence Case?

The definition of assault family violence hinges in part on the close relationship or past close relationship between the accused and the accuser. The allegedly injured person may fall into any of these roles with respect to the accused: husband, wife or ex-spouse; stepchild, foster child or son or daughter; the other parent of one's child or children; a current or past dating interest or romantic partner; or any family member.

What Constitutes 'Assault?'

Assault family violence is also defined in terms of specific behavior inflicting bodily injury to the other person. Bodily injury may range from relatively minor actions such as grabbing, pinching, spitting or hitting all the way to more serious acts of violence resulting in blood, bruises, red marks or death.

Assault family violence cases often arise out of domestic circumstances that have gotten out of hand unexpectedly or temporarily. However, even if the complaining witness (the alleged injured party) recants and asks for charges to be dropped, authorities rarely drop the charges. What was a private matter now involves police, a prosecutor and potentially a judge or a judge and jury.

Early Legal Counsel Is Vitally Important

Regardless of the specific circumstances that brought about your assault family violence charges, your need for legal counsel is urgent. With the help of an experienced defense attorney, you stand a much greater chance of obtaining a favorable outcome, such as freedom from jail, reduction of charges, prevention of a criminal record and an ability to recover access to your home and children, if applicable.

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