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Protecting the Rights and Freedom of the Accused

When you have been charged with a crime, the focus of your defense should be on you, the individual.  Your defense lawyer should look closely at the circumstances of your arrest or investigation targeting you. Your constitutional rights deserve protection. Your future, your career, your freedom and your reputation, are worth every effort to safeguard.

The Law Office of Doran Sauer can be your strong advocate if you have been accused of a drug crime, DWI, a theft crime or a violent crime. Texas trial lawyer Doran Sauer is available to defend you if you are faced with any local, state or federal criminal charges.

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Doran Sauer handles all types of criminal matters. 

For many people, a DWI arrest is a first brush with the law. Even people with solid careers and fine reputations are sometimes charged with driving while intoxicated. Alcohol lingering in one's system after consumption of champagne at a wedding or even prescription medications can trigger a positive blood alcohol content test.

Drug charges can have extensive consequences for those accused of possession. I believe that charging people for such crimes does nothing to benefit society. So, I take helping the accused fight for their rights and keep their records clean very seriously. 

During my time representing clients in the Central Texas area, I've handled all manner of violent crimes and understand the types of obstacles that my clients encounter. Regardless of your situation, you can expect experience and a client-centric approach from the Law Office of Doran Sauer.   

Those accused of sex crimes often face serious and long ranging penalties. I thoroughly review my clients' cases so that the entirety of their cases are heard by the court. Further, I take a client-centric approach by keeping in contact with my client and keeping their goals in mind. You can count on my experience to get the best results in your case.

Theft crimes range from the simple shoplifting to more serious crimes, such as aggravated robbery. In my time representing clients in the Central Texas area, I've handled various theft crimes of all different scales.  You can expect experience and a client-centric approach from my firm.  

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Trial Readiness

Larry Sauer's 45 years of experience and Doran Sauer's lifelong interest in the law can translate to a zealous, effective defense on your behalf. Mr. Larry Sauer and Mr. Doran Sauer are prepared to stand up for you at any stage of a criminal matter. Perhaps you are under investigation. Maybe something happened that makes you wonder whether to expect police at your door soon. You may have been arrested — or convicted long ago, now wondering whether expunction is an option.

Whatever the criminal charges involved and whatever has led you to look for a Texas defense lawyer on the internet, Larry Sauer and Doran Sauer in Austin welcome your inquiry.